The Creator's Struggle

At Beatz Per Minute Apparel, we're all about supporting the "creative". Without them, nothing would exist. From the beginning of time, creatives have been at the forefront of solving problems. From getting us across the world in hours versus days, entertaining us with beats and visuals, to enhancing our day to day life experiences with technology, creators are the core of our existence. 

However, creatives are thought to be crazy and impractical. That is until their "crazy" ideas work! We know the struggle all too well. All creatives have a plethora of contacts that have left them on read. You've called them. You've texted them. You've DM'd them. You've messaged them.  You've emailed them. No response. 

But then it happens. Your idea works! Your IG is poppin' and your phone is blowing up. Everybody wants in on the action. Now you're more attractive than you were yesterday.  Houston rapper, Mike Jones said it best, "Back then they didn't want me. Now I'm hot, they all on me".  Every text that went unanswered is now on the receivers priority list. Imagine that!

We understand, sympathize, and often experience the creator's struggle and created a tee and sweatshirt for our kind. We titled it the "Creative Definition Tee." It perfectly describes us. "CREATIVE - 1. One who creates.   2. One whose ideas are thought to be crazy and impractical until those ideas become reality, then you wanna hit them up and hang out like you been a supporter from the jump. NAH, keep that same energy. We good!" 

Creative Definition Tee

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