Everybody’s got a story. Here’s ours.

Deeply influenced by music (specifically hip-hop), DJ Beauty and the Beatz produced a brand that is fun, inclusive, and inspirational, especially for millennials, creatives, and entrepreneurs like herself. Established in 2018, Beatz Per Minute Apparel is a digitally based brand that focuses on hiphop culture and inspiring people to believe in themselves . Sometimes all someone needs is a little push in the right direction and a little encouragement, and we totally get that. You will find that our clothing is packed with motivation inspired by hiphop culture. We absolutely love making you feel good and pushing you into your greatness.


How We Started

Beatz Per Minute Apparel was founded by DJ Beauty and the Beatz, a young entrepreneur and influencer who started her journey at the age of 6. As an entertainer, she has developed a brand of her own. Conceptualizing Beatz Per Minute as an extension of herself, DJ Beauty and the Beatz seeks to bring her community (both on-line and in real life) and new customers the hiphop influenced, urban fashion they've been craving, while operating under a personal philosophy of giving the customer a sense of pride and expression in their clothing.